Mucho Mexicano! – Trumpet Trio – SWB

Here is a new trumpet trio with concert band in the style
of tequila bars, sombreros and the popular Cancun beach.
Bright and snappy, with some smooth lines and curvy phrases.
It is not simple stuff, but it is fun, and it is worth the effort.
Have a go – here is the full score and parts. Go Muchachos!

Reflections in the Afternoon – Alto Saxophone Solo – SWB

Here is a brand new sound for winds and solo sax. Based on a study
in Major 7th chord progressions, and some early soft jazz riffs from early
in my compositional life, you get a mood piece for quiet relaxation.
With some basic swing band ideas and some symphonic horns and unison
trumpet lines, this is a cool moment for a concert solo – complete with a jazz
solo break for the alto. The solo is harder than the band score, and it needs
a sax quintet and a piano for full stage performance.
Go for it – it’s worth the work.

Star Wars -The Original Soundtrack – 1977 Full Score – SWB

This is an original arrangement made in 1977 from John William’s
orchestral score of the music written for this iconic blockbuster.
This full score is the only version of this early score for winds
in print today. It is sold under the original licence agreement with
Chappells and Fox Fanfare music. Only the full score is available
from Julian Music – the parts are still sold by Studio Music.

The Minster – Passacaglia – SWB

Here is a set of descriptive variations on a ground bass. Set for wind
band from the original Passacaglia in G minor for organ (see my
associated scores). Some of these sections were originally conceived
as instrumental melodies and effects when sketching the piece
– the carillon tune at bar 25 and the trombone ‘growling’ at bar 97.
This fully re-orchestrated version began life as far back as 1985,
when I was a member of the Rowntree Macintosh Brass Band in York.
The original design of this work was based on JS Bach’s Passacaglia
in C minor for organ.

Young Bedfordshire – Concert March – SWB

Michael Rose composed this little march for the Bedfordshire
County Youth Concert Band in 1998 and asked me to arrange
it for the band.