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5 Dinner Fanfares for 2 Trumpets or Horns – (£4.95)

Do you ever hear music played live at any dinner function you attend? Perhaps a quartet or a small salon orchestra?     I bet you’ve seldom had Trumpets to announce important guests or various food courses. I bet you think the cost of such music and players would be astronomic. Well, think again – look at this! Your trumpeter friends could do these for your posh dinner, or if you are a trumpet player yourself, you could offer these to your own friends for a small fee? How about using them at a wedding breakfast – that’s different!

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Golden at My Feet – for Horn Quartet – (£39.95)

This is an adaptation of an earlier score of mine, written for Male voice choir in the style of a Victorian Glee. The song is about a guy who has to leave his girl to go off to some duty, and is getting very sentimental (and a little drunk) in the process. This piece has elements of song and hunting styles (typical of Classical Horn music) and a certain amount of late 19th century harmony that would be at home in a Barber’s Shop quartet. It is great fun to play and goes down well with audiences – make much of the 6/8 section, which is all about drinking lots of wine to dull the heart-ache of parting. The original lyrics can be checked out in the original setting for voices among the Choir scores in our Julian Music Catalogue.

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Daventry Dances – Suite (with 4 movements) for Brass Band

An original work in four movements, designed for a 1st or 2nd
section band. It was commissioned my Danetre Brass in 2003,
but never performed by them. Four Dances from different centuries.
The first is from the 14th century – a Codpiece Carole – with reference
to Breugel’s ‘Village Wedding’. The second is an Irish Jig from the 17th
century – a ‘shillelagh-bashing’ dance. The third is a dreamy waltz
– French, and of the late 19th century. The finale is a mad gallop – a Post
Coach dash from anywhere in the 17th to the early 19th century. It is a great
concert piece which could be programmed as separate items.

The Minster – Passacaglia for Brass Band

A set of descriptive variations on a ground bass. Set for brass
band from the original Passacaglia in G minor for organ (see under
Solos in this Catalogue). Some of these sections were originally conceived
as instrumental melodies and effects when sketching the piece – the cornet
carillon tune at bar 25; and the trombone ‘growling’ at bar 97. This fully
re-orchestrated version began life as far back as 1985, when I was a member
of the Rowntree Macintosh Band in York. It was never performed in public
then and has now been further revised recently. Be the first to claim the world
premiere and I will give you the dedication. The original design of this work
was based on JS Bach’s Passacaglia in C minor for organ.

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